What are the mail settings for outgoing mail for the CMS?

When using the default setup of eZ Publish or if you have set up eZ Publish with the application vault, outgoing mail might not work. The reason for this is that qmail needs slithly different mail settings as eZ Publish uses by default.

To make mail work please add this to your settings/override/site.ini.append.php file:

Beware about white space at end of each line of the ini file.

Howto configure SMTP

#Beware about white space at end of each line

Note: The transport sendmail can`t be used on our server due spam and security restrictions with in the mailserver.


  1. Problem: Mail comes in with broken header when using sendmail
    Solution: Change HeaderLineEnding to "auto"
  2. Problem: Mail doesn`t arrive when using SMTP
    Solution: Any of the settings might be incorrect. Copy block from above.
  3. Problem: Mail is not ariving from eZ Publish when the mail server is on a different maschine.
    Solution: The local mail delivery might be still active. Turn it off in your Plesk interface. (Domain->Mail->Disable/Enable Switch )
  4. Problem: SMTP doesn`t work wiht eZ Publish 4.0.0
    Solution: It is a bug. Upgrade to eZ Publish 4.0.1 or patch ezsmtp.php
  5. Problem: The settings I copied do not work
    Solution: There is white space at the end of the settings value. Remove the white space.

Tip turn also debugging and redirect debugging on to see all debug output.