How do I properly update or upgrade a eZ Publish installation

Step 1: Backup your existsing installation

Step 1.1: Backup database

Referr to this guide for dumping mysql.

Step 1.2: Store all files to a save place

cd ~ && tar -czf private/archive.tgz httpdocs/ --exclude "*/cache/*"

Step 2: Upgrading eZ Publish

Go to and grab the link of the latest eZ Publish stable version.


Extract the contents of the package.

tar --strip-components=1 -xzvf  ezpublish-4.3.0-light-with_ezc-gpl.tar.gz

Now follow the upgrade guides on

Note: If you have installed ezwebin or ezflow, you need to also follow the additional upgrades guides of those extensions.

Step 3: Remove backups

After the succesfull back delete your backups.

cd ~ && rm private/archive.tgz


Step 1.0: Restore files

cd ~ && rm -Rf httpdocs/* && tar -xzf private/archive.tgz httpdocs/

Step 1.1: Restore database

Referr to this guide forRestoring mysql.